Why You Should Choose Poured or Abrasive Stamped Concrete?

Types of Stamped Concrete

Poured or Abrasive Stamped Concrete is a very popular choice for both new construction and renovations. However, there are many different types of stamped concrete that can be used in the process. What type should you choose, are there any other types? Click here to see all the available options!

Poured Concrete: this type of concrete is poured onto the ground, which leaves a smooth surface. This is perfect for patios and slabs that need to be sealed.

Abrasive Stamped Concrete: made from crushed rock on top of wet concrete, it gives an up-close texture with depth. Abrasive stamped concrete can also be used as decorative flooring in office buildings or residential homes.

Textured Poured Concrete: textured surfaces are created by pouring different types of aggregates into moistened mortar mix before being spread out onto subgrade soil over compacted earth fill material.

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Stamped Heavy Duty Belts: The low cost option available provides a more sturdy look when compared to other methods due to the polyurethane coating.

Other types include:

Corduroy Concrete: this type of concrete is a textured finish that has been stamped with an up and down patterned design.

Solid Slabs: these types of slabs usually come in rectangular shape, giving it a more modern look.

Milled Stamped Convertible Base Course (MCB): This provides the best solution for slab floors with heavy loads as there can be two layers to provide extra support. Click here to learn about MCB!

No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong with stamped concrete. It is the best solution for patios, driveways and other exterior structures. It will give you the best look with minimal maintenance!